Chapter II


Chapter II

The story continues.

Lord Cotelin

It's not everyday you find out you've been shot...

No pulse, there's no pulse... we lost it Jim, err.. Jac...

Subject : KAP Vassan Rokir
Time of death 5.30 am
Doctor Khan presieding..send my condolescence to the family and the Oracle..


uh...he's not dead -- just was unconscious for a bit.


What WAS the need to shoot Vassan... puts him in a nice spot for the writting events.,,

Cyris: why complain? Would you rather have a story that involves arbitrary random Dark Jedi, or stories that actually involve the DB and its actual members? Personally, I prefer the latter, but maybe you prefer the former. The way I see it, though, the more the actual members of the DB are in the story, the better. It's more like a run-on: you roll with the punches. Other people can do things or make your character do things in a run-on, or in an ACC fight, and you don't contradict those posts -- instead you just go with it. Same deal here.

considers suing Jac/Trev for character assassination

ba dum bum

Uh, yeah. No need to worry about Vassan. If they were going to actually kill anyone, it would've been a made up, arbitrary person. However, send Vassan some flowers, and get well cards people. The man was shot for pete's sake! :P

Can we kill him now?


By paper cuts?

That are allowed to fester?

No, I like when members are included, of course. You're right.

shuts up

Huh? Oh..oh, yeah!

cough cough Oh...the pain! Please...bring on them Twi'lek girls. hack I need that sweet Rylothian TLC...

I think we can let this drop, unless it be to joke. :P After all, Vassan wasn't killed, he was just taken out of commission for a while. They didn't actually say he was dead in the Chapter Two story, and Jac has said the same thing. Quit fighting, poor Vassan is just trying to get better, people! Send the man some dancing Twi'leks, and get along! Heh.

I love you too, Oberst.

I actually took the time to read the GJW story so far...very well written. :)

So, can we target a random Long next time? Or Cantor? Or Entar? Hmmm... Possibilities :)))))))

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