Notice of Appointment


Notice of Appointment


WHEREAS on this the First Day of August, of the Two-Thousand and Fourth Year of the Dark Side; His Excellency, Dark Side Adept Trevarus Irad Caerick, Knight First Class and Oracle of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi does not issue the following decree:

WHEREAS the Brother Cannabisia has demonstrated the necessary and sufficient abilities to write a convincing application

THEREFORE not necessarily with the Blessing and Approval of His Most Illustrious Highness, Lord Darth Firefox, Dark Lord of the Sith and Grand Master of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi, and pursuant to the power definitly not vested in me by the Iron Throne and the Articles of the Covenant of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi, I do henceforth appoint Warmaster Cannabisia as my Magistrate.

Signed and Sealed,

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Did anyone else notice that he credits the decree to my name?

Congrats Blade :)

What happened to the old magistrate? and congrats to Cannabisia!

I don't see no errors. >:P

Using the whole whereasish stuff is bad enough but you got the same error in it :p Copy/paste? :)

Look straight.

Warlord? :P

Blade = M:LM; Thanks to all who applied - you've made it pretty difficult.

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