SWGN goes live


SWGN goes live

The Star Wars Gaming News site has been uploaded. Everybody go and check it out here. The SWGN will provide you and updated view on upcoming Star Wars gaming titles, gaming leagues, websites for downloads and a bottle of links. Make sure to check it regularily.

Big kudos go to Blade and Mav who did the coding and graphics respectively. Very awesome work guys! And to think that this is just a basic, temporary site before an even better one will be released...

I'll keep y'all updated.

<image src="http://www.new-avalon.net/images/mckenna_footer.jpg"></image>

Everything is okay, nothing is wrong. Please move along, thank you...

Err...where's all the PHP coding?

I can't update it without that, and that news post...eheh. :P

Guys, while it's uploaded it's a bit...premature. Give us a couple days to sort everything out, thanks. :P

Feel free to send links of them to my Magistrate. :)

Missing quite a few games there...

And Lenzar, we're not missing any games. The site is about UPCOMING games, and UPCOMING mods and patches. Not 5 year old ones. :P


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