Chapter Four


Chapter Four


After the resolution of a few technical problems, Mav and I will have Chapter Four ready within 24 hours.

We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding.

-DA Trev, Oracle

I was under the impression the regrade had been completed after a week.

He means the "regrade" of Chapter 2. Also, I don't think he meant an uneducated assumption about when they'd be done. :P Hope they come out soon though.

Chapter 2 results were released some time ago.

Chapter 3 results are coming very soon... I'd imagine by the end of next week at the latest. Depends on how complicated the entries were, really.

Incidentally, kudos to those involved in organising this rather epic competition. Not sure how much praise you guys have read, but I'm raising my glass.

Thank the Force.

And not to be rude or anything, but is there any timeframe you could give us for Chapter II and III results? Thanks.

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