Praetor Selected


Praetor Selected

Well, I said ASAP - and now everyone who didn't apply yet knows I meant it. ;)

I received a ton of applications in less than 24 hours - more than I would have expected to receive in a week. Wading through them all was difficult, and the choice was nowhere near easy. In the end, I narrowed it down to three.

All three were excellent, highly-qualified individuals who I know would offer a wealth of talent and information to the ACC and work for the betterment thereof with the upmost dedication if selected, so their selection was nowhere near easy.

Therefore, I have chosen one as my Praetor and the other two (who, in my eyes, are just as qualified and worthy of the same respect given the position of P:CM) as my new Magistrates.

Pending CoFo making the changes in the databsae, congratulations go out to Cyris Oscura and Zhang Long for their appointment as Magistrates to the Combat Master and Halcyon for becoming the new Praetor to the Combat Master.

Once again:
M:CM=Zhang, Cyris

A huge thanks goes to the tremendous number of you who applied - you certainly did not make the choice easy.

Krath Priest Mal'ari'carun
Combat Master of the ACC
Magistrate to the Oracle
Cohor's Praetoria Taldryae
Tha'raik'nor Deit Naruodoo
@===== {======><====}=@
==== {=======================>


KP Mal'ari'carun (Krath)/CM-M:OCL-TYR/Ektrosis of Taldryan ACC: CM/(StA-WG)/(BN)/Cr-1A-2S-3E/CF


Disappeared? No, I've just been rumbling in the backround for a little while...biding my time....waiting.....until the day that I finally take over the WORLD!!

I have never been so stoked!!!!!!

  • Cyris, great to have you on top again (well, sort of at the top... maybe not the tippity top... but high enough for us short folks...)!!
  • Halc - what can I say? I can kiss your a** in two places now :P
  • Ari... err... Zhang, I thought you disappeared... I love being wrong (in this case) :)

Meh, call me an idiot I forgot to congratulate Halc and Zhang.

YAY!!! I SAY!!!!

Good luck as P:CM Halcy and good luck as fellow magistrate Zhang

Alrighty ladies and gentleman get ready for your (hopefully) monthly / bi-monthly Cyrisish ACC Competitions :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Thanks Alaric for giving that spot as magistrating thing :P

  • Cyr

Dance, Halc, dance! I mean..congrats. :P

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