New Sith High Warrior


New Sith High Warrior


It is my honor today to announce that the new Sith High Warrior has been chosen. We had a wide variety of applicants and I think it is a true testament to the power that is still within the order that we had so many qualified people apply.

With that, let me announce that the next Sith High Warrior is a Sith...! err... Sith Bloodfyre! aka Gui Long, the Consul of Tarentum.

I know that applying for this was a hard choice to make for BF. He has been leading Clan Tarentum for a long time and brought it to great levels over the time he's been there. I know from experience that it is hard to leave the clan you are so very loyal to, but Tarentum will live on and BF will be able to great things for the entire DB as SHW.

With that, Sith has the choice to remain as Consul until the end of the GJW. He can prepare for his duties from there.

Congratulations, Gui Long!


Congratulations, boss! In the dark fury of the night may we once again be plunged into the endless rage and destruction that our ancestors were so fond of. The Sith will rise again, and all shall tremble in our wake. I have foreseen it. A new golden age for our Order is upon us.

Right on Bloodfyre. This comes as a huge shock. :P

But seriously, there's noone better for the job and I'm glad you're the one who filled it. Sorry to see you leaving Tarentum though, you were the best Consul I've ever had the priviledge of serving under. Congrats.

Brika braka firecracka sis boom bah! Bloodfyre, Bloodfyre rah rah rah!

Congrats, BF!

Man, I hate that BF guy, he's know....around :P

But ya, congrats man

YAY Sithy! I think Jac couldn't have picked anyone better. Congrats.

Congrats Sith. If you put half the effort into the Sith Order that you did into Tarentum, things are going to work out just fine.

Well done Sith, I'm sure you'll be an excellent Sith High Warrior. I think we are all looking forward to seeing what you will bring to the Sith Order and the DB as a pressure though!

Go BF!!!!! Congrats, and I'm glad we Sith are in good hands. Yay!!

Very nice! Congrats. You're the man, Master! :)

Quick, everyone to Tarentum's Ale Pond, while drinks are still on Bloodfyre! :P

Congratulations, I hope this will encourage the order to greater success.

Congrats BF.


Congrats Bloodfyre and may the Force be with you! Your certinally going to need it in charge of us bunch of pilots! :)

Damn it this is the worst news I have heard all day.

Sweet this is the best news I have heard all day.

Man, I hate that BF guy, he's know....around :P

But ya, congrats man

Gratz Gui Long!! Good luck as Sith High Warrior.

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