Stand and be honored...


Stand and be honored...

Past glories serve to further not only tradition, but also set the mark towards which we all aspire to. We must not forget moments of old, and the warrior we stand to recognize this day was once hailed as standing amongst the strongest, the bravest, and the most powerful. Few have had such an impact upon competition as he; fewer still have been able to come near the standards he set so long ago.

As the years press on, we cannot forget the contributions, or the dedication this man gave to the Order of lords. Let us stand forth this day, and recognize the Warlord Doni Tzu, newest of the Serpenti, and champion of the Order.

Donnie Zoo!! :D

Donitz --

There are few people in my history that have made a greater impact than yourself. One day, over seven and a half years ago, you showed faith in my naïve activity and ambitious personality and gave me my first command.

Though it was a rather big leap in faith to entrust a 14 y/o "DV" with an entire wing of the Military Complex of the Corporate Division, you helped jump start my TIE Corps career. Few individuals run into the luck of being trained under one of the most skilled pilots (or as we call "Sith"). Your faith in me led to many other branches in the EH, and ultimate the DB, that I would never have previously considered.

Who I am today was initially shaped by the skill and wisdom of Donitz. Anyone that knows of my skill as a Sith or my character as a leader should realize that Donitz is in a large way responsible.

Donitz, I salute you. This honor bestowed on you is infinitely late, in my opinion, but it fits you quite well. Congrats!

GOOOOOOOOO DUNKIN DONITZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pride pride :P

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