Just to clarify some things...

SP in the GMRG is no more. The GMRG is the elite of the brotherhood i.e. active members with some skill. Our mandate is to guard the Grand Masters and other various members of the Dark Council... we also do other missions, special operations, scouting and recon, etc... We are essentialy the army/navy of the dark council. We don't need huge numbers because we are just that good. So, in regaurds to people asking me questions about SP... we do SP no longer. If you are currently a member of the GMRG and wish to soley do SP... talk to me and I will have to remove you from the roster.

Peace in Darkness.

no, actualy I'm partial to Asians :-)

Oh, it is not. If that were true, we'd all be 5'9, blond-haired, blue-eyed females, endowed by the creator himself. :P But we're not, so nyah.

the GMRG is whatever the hell I want it to be...


HEY! Who said Kir could talk? :P

Actually the GMRG isn't the army or navy of the Dark Council...they have those already. The GMRGs only role is to protect the Grand Master and also complete any missions he personally assigns to them. Just a clarification :)

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