Possition Promotion


Possition Promotion

On this 29th day of the 9th month of the... ok I'm not Trev...

Congratz to Strategos on Jedi Oucast Commander... I expcect good things from you in the GMRG.

Position only has 1 "s"

hmm. Position, Outcast, expect.

Congrats Strat! You're going to own everyone in that society - including the CoG, of course. :P muahaha.

Ph33r m3.

/me laughs diabolically.

Seriously, I'll do my best. Oh, and for GMRG people, I've written a nice introductory mail. Check your inboxes. :P

damn straight biatch

Shhh. The normal rules of grammar and spelling don't apply to Demos. :P

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