E-mail group spam


E-mail group spam

Will people please stop spamming the 'DBNormal' e-mail group. This e-mail group goes to all uninfected members of the DB - that's 100s of people.

This list will be closed at the end of the GJW.

I will personally report any further swearing or abuse of this list to the Justicar - you have already been warned over the list by members of the DC a number of times.

~ Alanna

***UPDATE* The matter has been dealt with - the DBGreen and DBNormal lists have been disabled and cleared. ~JaM3z**

/me waves a "John 3:16" sign. :P

Lists disabled and cleared.

/me waves "Lannie for DJM" sign.

/me spams egroup :P

yeah... listen to the Lannie!

/me waves "Lannie for DJM" sign.

Wow lists for both clean and infected members. Funny how I never did get an email from the clean list. Maybe they forgot us Tarentum folk.

I knew about the Green list but there was a normal list??? Now I wonder why I wasn't on said list.

/me waves "WTF?" sign.

That's because you aren't "Normal".

Wait a second... I got one of these too...

/me waves his own "Lannie for DJM" sign.

One minute, who attached a "and JaM3z for DA" flag to it ? Oh well, that too.

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