BF online!


BF online!

I appreciate everyones' patience on this. There were some issues that caused the holdup, but the server is now online. James, the owner of was good enough to set us up a temp server, since our box had problems, and he's going to set us up our permanent one within the next few days.

Look for the BF server under the name DarkJediBrotherhood, and we also have Teamspeak at Get out on the server, everybody. Lets have a lot of fun using this up. And thanks to the people at Primary Target, and everyone who helped donate to make this happen:

Spears, Gryffon, Oberst, Pyralis, Telona, Selket, Jac, Trev, and anyone else who'd like to donate. Just as another reminder, if you'd like to donate, I have PayPal set up, using my email address bloodfyre[at]darkjedibrotherhood[dot]com.


One thing though need to turn off HEROES. UGH! :P

Sorry to ruin your night Cyris, but I have to inform you that the Server is Dress to Impress on Friday and Saturday nights.

Oooh sweetness, I know what I'm doing friday night. Yayness!

Being single again is great, I can do anything i want now without the gf going "Its friday nights dress up blbalblablablabitchbitchblabla we're going to the clubs."

I'll do that on saturdays now :P:P:P


Yay, teamspeak works for me.
I'll have Battlefront by Monday so I'll be sure to join ya :)

I would like to suggest that those who have SW: Battlefront and who want to go to the DB Server;

When you get the list of Servers, it would be wise to have them in alphabetical order. There's like 100 or so Servers, and finding DarkJediBrotherhood through 100 Servers scattered about is... difficult. (Yes, i was stupid and looked for it that way for 10mins :P).
Putting the Game Servers in Alphabetical Order makes it a lot quick to find. Just go to where all the D's are listed and you'll find it quick enough.

I think it might be obvious that the servers are listed in the game, and not on a website.

Yeehaa! I'll be hooking up to it eventually. Got karate tonight, and House stuff to do, but as soon as I'm free I'll be jumping on. Brilliant game this!

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