DGM Chosen!


DGM Chosen!

Greetings, fellow Dark Jedi,

After receiving many excellent applications (and it was really hard to pick), it is my pleasure to announce to you the new DGM, Dark Jedi Master Arion Sunrider!

As most of you should be aware, I had recently chosen Arion to be the new KCB who heads up the new Envoys system, but his application for DGM impressed me so much that I decided to give him a shot! I'm certain he won't let me down.

This leaves the new position of KCB up for grabs, and Arion and I have decided to take applications for it.

Please submit to myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and DGM Arion ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) an application containing the following:

1) Your complete ID line.

2) Your DB history.

3) What qualifications you have to be the head of the new Envoy system.

4) What ideas you have for the new Envoy system

5) Why you think you'd be good to be the next member of the DC (and KCB)

Your application should have "Application for KCB for (insert name here)" in the subject line of the email. Any applications not so marked will not be considered.

I look forward to your application,

Darth Chi Long

Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood of Jedi

Dark Lord of the Sith/Governor Plenipotentiary of Eos


Fleet Admiral/MoH, GOE, GS, PC, OV

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