DB Battlefront team Closed Roster


DB Battlefront team Closed Roster

Hey all,

I'm happy to report that the DB battlefront team roster is now full with 20(1) players... Don't be discouraged if you didn't get on the DB Battlefront team and the GMRG this round... I'm sure some people may be dropping so may be opening recruitment. Make sure to play on the server it's already popular and a LOT of fun. Also juts a side note for clans to start getting your own teams ready as we're getting close to finishing the internal Battlefront league in which there may be some nice clan possessions to be had.

-Peace in Darkness

Guess im gonna have to put SWG on the side this weekend and dive into SWBF! cant wait I can use a rest from the Battle fatigue!!!!

201 players? :P

smacks DS

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