MML round 2


MML round 2

The placings after two rounds are as follows:

CSP 10
Tarentum 10
DC 5

(If placings are tied, I've ordered them alphabetically... just to pre-empt the complaints :P)

Remember that some mysteries are harder than others, so the rankings could still all change...

I'd just like to add how impressed I've been so far - so many guesses are coming back correct. Lets see how you all do with the penaltimate round of mysteries, which will be sent out later today...

does the squirrel dance

Weehee! What do we get for winning this thing anyway?

There will definitely be a prize for the winning team... I'm just waiting to see whether we have a clear winner, or whether there will be more than one team to reward. Once that's known, I'll have a chat about it with Mav and Jac.

I'll also award individual medals to all the winning participants.

~ Alanna

(And the 'squirrel dance'?!)

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