Seneschal Announcements


Seneschal Announcements

1) First off I would like to congrat DGM/DJM Arion Sunrider and CoG/KPN Trevarus Caerick on their recent appointments. CSKer in DC again!!!

2) A replacement as been chosen by GM Chi Long. I will be remaining on the SCL staff and will be joining House Kirleta once again. <p> 3) I have added the new DJP/DP rank in the database and have gotten the tables for the Holocron stuff up. I forgot to add in some stuff on the skills. I will be doing that tonight. <p> 4) I will be working to get the Holocron script in place. It wont take too long. It will bascially be a editting of what DC members use to submit announcements :-) <p> 5) If anyone is wondering I will still host the DB domain. I will be giving the new SCL total access so he can download/upload the database file as he needs. He will be the only other person that has this access.</p></p></p>

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