Tournament Results?


Tournament Results?

Well, I've done a third, final count now, and I'm under the impression that there are going to be errors again. So, instead of posting results with errors, and having to go back and update each time as errors are found, I'm going to post a tentive individual results lists. These are the individual points as I have them, and I want everyone who played to look at their totals, then go over their match submissions (yes, it's a good reason to keep those for 48 hours now).

If there is an error, the person in question needs to email me, and ONLY that person with the error. I realize other people are keeping track, but I do this because each of you has a better idea that anyone else about how many matches you played, and what your record was. I want to make sure that everyone gets what they've earned, so please, do me a favor, and look at your totals.

If you note an error, email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses], and I'll get with you to resolve it. I use Gmail for errors because it's a little easier to organize things; please don't email errors to my usual inbox, because it can be a little confusing on me. I appreciate the help in this. The results as I have them are as follows, and in no particular order. This also ONLY takes into account number of matches you played, not standings for placing.

--EDIT: Scores according to the latest error recounts/updates. Please, go over them, make sure they're right for your games!--

Vail: 43 points
Zacfer: 9 points
Dark Sabre: 39 points
Tiss: 20 points
Lenzar: 20 points
Erlandil: 8 points
Exodius: 5 points
Jasru: 22 points
Frosty: 11 points
Predfish: 1 point
Dox: 6 points
Chaosrain: 10 points
Raidoner: 1 point
Shadow: 35 points
Horus: 13 points
NexusMage: 23 points
Rakhai: 6 points
Korras: 18 points
Kaiann: 11 points
Arania: 12 points
Xhedias: 9 points
Benevolent Whiner: 3 points
Keiran Bryce: 8 points
Dalthid: 5 points
Ma'ar-Tyrius: 11 points
Zadious: 18 points
MERLANCE: 9 points
Zekk: 3 points

Remember, it's 1 point per match played. So, if that doesn't equal up to the number of matches you played, that means there's an error. Please, don't email me with an attitude, because I'm doing this to seek out errors, not to screw you out of anything. If there's something wrong, I'll fix it. As soon as I feel like all the errors are found, I'll release the official results on this.

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