Scoll of Indoctrination Poll: Update


Scoll of Indoctrination Poll: Update

Hey all,

I just posted a new poll on what the new SoI graphic should be. Four to choose from. Vote for your fav.



This isn't going to be the final version of the gfx. There will be color corrections to the one that gets chosen.

Also -- be mindful in the vote that the Scroll isn't too close in look to the DSS

Go 2!

Go 2!

Gah! I change my vote to 2 :P

Can we vote for one of them, with the stipulation that changes be made to make them easier on my eyes? :P

Btw, I totally posted twice on purpose, to emphasize the "two." Yep yep. Btw, none of them are mine, I just like that one the most and thought I'd give it a plug. :P

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