Official Tournament Results!


Official Tournament Results!

Yep, I believe all of the scores are now tallied. I have to say, I am extremely impressed with the results. Although I can't be certain (I dread the thought of double-checking the match # count), there was between 160-180 matches played, possibly more. This is a great accomplishment, and I applaud all of the effort that went into this.

I also appreciate the patience, and the help from everyone in sorting out Tournament results errors. We are working on a solution, so that the next Tournament will not be so plagued. And so, with everything counted out, here are the top three contestants from Sunday:

Coming in with First Place, representing Clan Taldryan, Dark Sabre with a 34-5 record, gaining himself 46 points and a Steel Cross! Nice job, DS.

Coming in at Second Place, representing Clan Taldryan, Shadow with a record of 31-4, ganing himself 40 points and a Star of Antei. Good job, Shad.

Coming in at Third Place, representing Clan Scholae Palatinae, Vail with a record of 18-25, gaining himself 47 points and a Dark Cross. Good work, Vail. It's also worth noting that, even though Vail placed Third, he has earned the record for most points in a single Tournament, with and without placing points. That's commendable.

The following are current individual scores, in random order:

    MERLANCE (21)+(15)+(9)=**(45 points)**  
    Dranik (21)+(0)+(0)=**(21 points)**  
    Pyralis (32)+(21)+(0)=**(53 points)**  
    Kir (7)+(0)+(0)=**(7 points)**  
    Shadow (6)+(30)+(40)=**(76 points)**  
    Benevolent Whiner (7)+(3)+(3)=**(13 points)**  
    Demosthenes(1)+(0)+(0)=**(1 point)**  
    Dark Sabre (27)+(9)+(46)=**(82 points)**  
    Horus (10)+(17)+(13)=**(40 points)**  
    Elessar (9)+(0)+(0)=**(9 points)**  
    Ma'ar-Tyrius(8)+(10)+(11)=**(29 points)**  
    Lenzar (4)+(19)+(20)=**(43 points)**  
    Dalthid (6)+(0)+(5)=**(11 points)**  
    Shimas (8)+(2)+(0)=**(10 points)**  
    X-Pilot (1)+(0)+(0)=**(1 point)**  
    Predator (12)+(0)+(1)=**(13 points)**  
    Zacfer (1)+(0)+(9)=**(10 points)**  
    Dox (6)+(7)+(6)=**(19 points)**  
    Strategos (9)+(0)+(0)=**(9 points)**  
    Vail (2)+(18)+(47)=**(67 points)**  
    Chaosrain (0)+(6)+(10)=**(16 points)**  
    Selket (0)+(4)+(0)=**(4 points)**  
    NexusMage (0)+(11)+(23)=**(34 points)**  
    al`Lan (0)+(10)+(0)=**(10 points)**  
    Nit'Chu (0)+(12)+(0)=**(12 points)**  
    Frosty (0)+(3)+(11)=**(14 points)**  
    Arania (0)+(5)+(12)=**(17 points)**  
    Wolf (0)+(4)+(0)=**(4 points)**  
    Jasru (0)+(0)+(22)=**(22 points)**  
    Exodius (0)+(0)+(5)=**(5 points)**  
    Erlandil (0)+(0)+(8)=**(8 points)**  
    Raidoner (0)+(0)+(1)=**(1 point)**  
    Korras (0)+(0)+(18)=**(18 points)**  
    Xhedias (0)+(0)+(9)=**(9 points)**  
    Kaiann (0)+(0)+(11)=**(11 points)**  
    Rakhai (0)+(0)+(6)=**(6 points)**  
    Tissaya (0)+(0)+(20)=**(20 points)**  
    Keiran (0)+(0)+(8)=**(8 points)**  
    Zadious (0)+(0)+(18)=**(18 points)**  
    Zekk (0)+(0)+(3)=**(3 points)**  

With that said, the current Clan point totals are as follows:

   Clan Arcona: 59 points  
   Clan Exar Kun: 0 points (I'd love to see this change, CEK)  
   Clan Naga Sadow: 135 points  
   Clan Satal Keto: 31 points  
   Clan Scholae Palatinae: 102 points  
   Clan Taldryan: 269 points  
   Clan Tarentum: 178 points  

Great job on making this Tournament a HUGE success, and congratulations to everyone. For anyone who wants to purchase items, the list is here, and all you need to do is email me with your choices. Keep up the awesome gaming, everybody.

Damn you DS! Damn you all to hell!

Congrats to everyone who placed, and thanks to everyone who participated; It was a LOT of fun. =)

Hail Vail!!! Honor to you and your Clan! =D

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