Christmas prezzie time!


Christmas prezzie time!

We know that there were supposed to be three winners, but it's Christmas, so there are four :P

The winning entries for Emerald Star: Saitou (#235), Link Vortex (4479), Voldemort (#3553), Arania (#11).

Three entries for Topaz Star which we liked but didn't quite make it for the first place:
Lenzar D. Entar (#1653), Zadious (#4057), Kaiann (#129)

And here are some presents that a few lucky recipients unwrapped on Christmas morning (a selection of presents that we enjoyed and liked the most from each entry):

From Korras: A big gun mounted on a big space ship for Malik, since that’s all he can think about anyway

From Konar: Robert Daragon - The dude'd always preaching about his love for booze. My guess is that he has some huge underground celler filled with the stuff. All I want is the location of the celler and I'll be set for life :). I'll give him a few silver coins for the trouble it caused him :P. - Afterall he is in my squadron.

From Arania: Strategos – “How To Play JO And JA Without Saber Duels. It Can Be Done.” This booklet comes with a step-by-step guide on picking up and selecting weapons plus a free one year membership for NFSDRG (No Force Saber Duels Recovery Group).

From Vodo Biask: Sharad works hard as the Proconsul of Clan Taldryan to constant better it and its memebers. He follows Kir's orders with out hesitation and is an inspiration to the emebers of House Dinaarii also. A long dark haired Wig: Sharad is completly bald and a touch of hair would be nice to add.

From Locust: Locust – A pin to deflate my ego in times of need.
(Its not mistake, he indeed gave himself a gift =P)

From Voldemort: Predator - An active Apprentice who'll make DJK within 6 months- just for a change :o)

From Kaiann: To SCL Cyberguy - The book "How to use undocumented variables in your favor without getting noticed". In honor of his "luck factor" variable in the Experience point calculation of Project Rebirth. Guess which variable would have been greater than 1 in any SCL office personnel...

From Zadious: JST Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor - A one-year subscription to every major planetary newspaper, in hard copy – Not only can he read up on the galaxy’s current events, but he can also roll the papers up and beat anyone who decides to get wise with the Brotherhood. Sure, a stick would work just as well, but haven’t you ever wanted to hit someone with a newspaper?

From Saitou: Vail – aka Conboss - A competition submission on time. He's been really reminding all his minions to do his competition. I'm still waiting for my partner - seriously. I promise I'll get it done even if I have to do it myself.

From Bane: Alanna - A medal made just for you because of your awesome skill.

From Telona: Ma'arkhan - To my apprentice I'll give a 'get out of the mud' card good for three non consecutive days. So if he finds himself being yelled at by me he can use that card to get out of it. My way of being nice.

From Tiberius: SW Welshman - An Irishmaden.

From Xhedias: Chi-Long - Hookah, hehe, he said he was going to go buy one the other day and the store that was selling them didnt have the one he asked for so...Merry X-mas!

Link Vortex: Tissaya - I would give Tissaya something in Pink, I’m sure she’ll destroy it but I guess if I wrap up Malik dressed in Pink she will destroy him which is good. :P

From Lenzar: For Korras - An extra 3 hours every Tuesday (so he has time to play me at JO. :P)

~ Tissaya and Alanna


Thanks Tib!!!!!

gets cosy with his Irishmaiden

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