Have a happy New Year!, from Clan Satal Keto


Have a happy New Year!, from Clan Satal Keto

The year of 2004 seems to have gone by in only a month or two, or so it feels that way. Many things have happened this year both in real life and in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Both have faced sorrow, loss, joy and gain, but I would like to think that 2004 has brought more joy and gain into this world.

This year has been a fairly large year for Clan Satal Keto. We have not only faced a new Clan summit and House summit, but we have also faced a few major 'facelifts' to the Clan. We have created a new Master/Student Program for our members to work with. We have redesigned the Clan website, thanks to Enahropes and coding by Gryffon, and the Clan's Aranna System. We have modified the promotion guide with hope to provide both a simple and challenging method to earn promotions within the Clan. We created a new Clan IRC channel, #satalketo, for a more professional look.
And we have many other projects in motion; such as a Clan Newsletter and a Clan Game to name a few.

As the year of 2004 comes to an end, I welcome to the New Year of 2005 with open arms. Shall this New Year bring us all good fortune and greater happiness! May all the pain in this world cease to continue in the New Year of 2005!

From everyone in Clan Satal Keto, we wish you all a Happy New Year!!

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