Alvaak Summit Positions Open!


Alvaak Summit Positions Open!

With the formation of new Alvaak houses, the following positions will be needed for each house: QUA, AED, RM, and Envoy.

<p>If you are interested in one of these positions, please send an application to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] with your EH/DB history, ideas for the new house, and recommendations/references. There is no required subject line, just try to make it something like what you'd like to apply for. :)

<p>Within the next few weeks, I should have all the House Summit members picked, but it will take a while.

<p>Please keep in mind, that this is something that hasn't happened for a long time. With the new summits, you'll be making a great difference, and should be proud to be here during this revolutionary change! Thank you!

<p>-Keiran Idanian


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