First Look: The Joiner King


First Look: The Joiner King

Luke Skywalker is worried: A handful of Jedi Knights, including his nephew and niece, Jaina and Jacen Solo, have disappeared into the Unknown Regions in response to a strange cry for help that only they could hear. The isolationist Chiss have angrily lodged a formal complaint, accusing the missing Jedi of meddling in a border dispute between the Chiss and an unidentified aggressor.
Luke has no choice but to head to the Unknown Regions in an attempt to stem the growing tensions before they spill out of control. Han and Leia follow, intent on protecting their children from what could be grave danger. But none of them are prepared for what they find when they reach their destination.

A colony of mysterious aliens is expanding toward the edge of Chiss space. The leader of the alien nest is resolute. Adept in the Force, he is drawing old friends to his side, compelling them to join the colony and meld their Force-abilities with his, even if it leads to all-out war....

Thus begins the Dark Nest trilogy by author Troy Denning. Dark Nest I: The Joiner King is slated for paperback release from Del Rey Books on July 26, 2005. And included as a special bonus: the short story Ylesia by Walter Jon Williams, previously only available in ebook format.


HRLD takes announcing that off his weekly report list...

It comes out on my birthday!

Very dumb title.

Is this after the Vong series? Sounds good though.

Its after the Vong yes; so no Vong.

It sounds like its going to be something of a sequel to Survivor's Quest, the seventh and final novel in the Thrawn Septology.

Wow. Han looks really old. Guess that happens to you over the years.

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