The Time Has Come...


The Time Has Come...

You have seen yourself standing above the masses, a lone combatant risen to the apex, the paragon... the Champion. Come, fulfill your destiny. At the birth of tomorrow's sky, you may take the first step on your quest to glory...

...the Championship is here!

OOC: Signups to the Champion ladder come first, they will open tomorrow and will determine some of the finer specifics. I will tell you now that this ladder is being held in the 'tradition' of the first Celebration ladder. Some of the initial specifics are as follows;
- You must be at the ACC rank of Seeker or above
- Lightsabres and hand to hand ONLY (those below DJK will have their sword skill applied to a lightsabre that the Centre will "loan" you), of course, Force powers will be allowed :)
- The 72 hour post time will be in effect.

In addition;
- There will be no battle format shorter than 6+2.
- The Rite of Exaltation will be allowed, only upon request, for those Dark Jedi separated by more than one rank from their opponent (i.e. the Rite is not a 'given' you must request it - more on how to do that before I open the battles).

Signups will run until the 2nd of March (one week). After which there will be a few days of downtime to allow for setup.

Thanks for your time...


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