Final RoS scores!


Final RoS scores!

(Posting for Lannie who is away a few days but didn't want to let you wait)

Before I give you the final results, I’d like to thank all of the clans who competed in the Krath RoS. We read some excellent work and the levels of participation were very impressive.

I especially want to thank my co-host, Arania, and Kaiann whose assistance has been invaluable in grading many of the events. Also, Jamez and Cybey for coding tons of stuff for us :o)

But.... you’re not interested in this just now, you want the results! So, here they are...

Congratulations go to.... Taldryan! Yet again, you’ve proved to be an incredibly formidable opponent. Placing first in every chapter, you are the indisputable Krathly champions! With loads of enthusiasm and the skill to back it up, it’s going to take a lot to beat you guys.

In second place were CNS with an excellent showing, surprising many... except those who know them ;o) You really do have some great writers in your clan. I have a suspicion that Taldryan will be pushed much, much closer in the next big writing competition!

And in third, came CSP, just short of the 100 point mark. Very well done.

For full scores, see here:

All participants will be receiving a seal, and the top three in each event will receive novas. In addition, there will be a clan reward. We’ll make another posting (along with an epilogue) at the weekend. I’ll also be sending summits a full list of participants.

Once again, thanks to all who took part, and congrats to Taldryan!

~ Alanna and Arania

  • Shadow does his Tal-pwnz thrusty dance

Satal Keto beat Arcona! Mwuahahahaha! >:D And we came from last place to 4th place.

does the comeback dance

Yay! Congrats everyone.

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