GM Guard Spots open


GM Guard Spots open

Hey all,

I am looking for people to fill my two vacant guard positions. Currently I have Jasru and Pyralis representing/guarding me and need another two.

Send me a mail if interested. Make sure you detail what type of stuff you do.


Sending mail now... :P

What is the rank required to be a gaurd?

No rank requirement, that I know of. I doubt most people would pick anyone ACO or under, so you should be fine as a PRT.

The key word for getting in the Guard is "Activity" if you are activly seen taking part in competitions your chances of someone picking you sky rocket.

hmm from what I've read/been told, I don't believe DCers can be in other DCers guard sects. DC members have to participate with their own guard... are you planning on battling yourself for Jac?

Any council member should be willing to lay down his or her life in service to the Dark Lord Jac. Except for Mav, who should actively be trying to kill him and subsume his position.

Last time I heard Dark Jedi consume the darker sides of human nature. Which one of them would be greed. Greed for money, power, their own life over the Grand Masters.

Last I heard, this was all make-believe, and we should suspend disbelief. :P I'd also like to not, Kaine was likely being sarcastic, and joking about joining Jac's guardsmen.

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