Allegiance Sat. Feb 26th


Allegiance Sat. Feb 26th

Posted for Gryffon:
We are doing our best to organize a an Allegiance game on Saturday Febuary 26th at approximately 4 PM EST. We will be meeting and launching to the game from #dballegiance. Show up early if possible, we would like to start the game at as close to 4 as we can. If you have any questions, you may direct them towards myself available on IRC as Gryffon, or through e-mail at Gryffon at satalketo dot net.

t3h 4ll3g14nc3 pwnz j00 4ll! ph33r 1T!!!!!! well shit I should try and get my computer working....

Show up early if you need help installing the game, or if you haven't played in awhile. We will help you out and make sure everything is up to date

I guess im gonna have to Downlaod the game again! But im glad to see that Allegiance is back!

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