Khan Elevated to Dark Side Adept!


Khan Elevated to Dark Side Adept!

Hello everyone,

It is my pleasure today to follow the reccomendations of three highly influential DC member and award a promotion to our Master at Arms. As stated below, Khan has been in the service of the DB for a long time and has always put his best efforts into the club. He has been sitting at SO for over a year, despite leading Exar Kun since the split and being the only P:MAA to ever be given the same duties as the MAA. I think Khan is truly deserving of this promotion.

Welcome to the land of Elders, Khan.


In this message we want to honor a great and loyal member of the Dark
Jedi Brotherhood. I'm talking about SO Khan Kunar.
Khan has done some great work as Consul of Clan Exar Kun. He got that
position right after the split, when many members fled from the clan,
because it used to be Clan Alvaak. Khan had a really rough time as
Consul there. Rebuilding the clan from nothing to it's status it has
now. After over a year of loyal service as Consul, Khan decided to step
down and let new blood to run the clan. In my opinion, Khan didn't get
the appreciation for his work which he deserved.

Also during his time as Consul, Khan has been Praetor to the Master at
Arms for a long time and also has shown his loyalty in the MAA office.
He did some great work there. Now that SO Khan received the position of
Master at Arms, after DJM Corran Force stepped down, I feel that Khan is
ready to move on to the next rank.

With this e-mail I have attached recommendations for SO Khan from DA
James Lucius Entar and DJM Corran Force.

Hereby I request the promotion of SO Khan Kunar to Dark Side Adept.


His Excellency, Dark Side Adept CyberGuy Quiritatio Entar
Seneschal of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood


I believe that SO Khan has earned a promotion. He has been instrumental
in keeping the MAA office flowing smooth and has also killed any wait
time that was there before I had a Praetor. He has been working hard to
keep the office running smooth. Even though there are some that don't
like Khan, I believe that he has earned this promotion.

Dark Jedi Master Corran Force

DJM Corran Force (Obelisk)/MAA/Dark Council [PA: Asc]
DS / ED / AK / SB / GC-S / SC-SoP / (BN) / SoL-TC-TC-BE

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"Pain is nothing more than weakness leaving the body."
"Nobody ever drowned in their own sweat."


As Lord Archon, I can confirm that Overlord Khan Kunar has been, like
Corran Force says, instrumental for the Office of the Master at Arms.
The time-in-queue for promotions, awards and requests has drastically
decreased since his appointment as P:MAA, while the level of
error-checking and filtering out bad recommendations and requests
greatly increased. Combined with overall work done for the DB as a whole
and his clan Exar Kun, I surely believe a promotion is warranted.

His Excellency, Dark Side Adept James Lucius
Trianthar Arala Entharyi, di Tenebrous Arconae
Lord Archon of the Brotherhood, Consul Emeritus

YAY Khan!

Congratulations Khan

His Excellency, Overlord Tron Sadow
The Emissary

Congragulations Dark Side Adept Kahn.

YaY!!! Its DA Khan hehe :-)

YaY!!! Its DA Khan hehe :-)

Thanx everybody expecially CG, Jamez and CoFo !!!

KHAN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


magically unlocks Khan's office as he did so many times back when Khan was CON

Hey. Congrats Khan. Besides... DA Khan Kunar looks cooler than SO Khan Kunar. :)

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