Oracle Recognized!


Oracle Recognized!


Today I get a chance to honor a member of the Dark Council who has been a staple of constant service over the years. Trev has been around, working toward the betterment of the DB for a long time. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the club, and always has a unique take on how the club should be advancing.

More recently, Trev has engulfed himself in two projects of vital importance to the DB. The first, re-writing the Dark Side Compendium, will take the Brotherhood to a fictional level that it has never been. Trev has been working on a solid background for the club and is in the process of re-working the Compendium to be our fictional anchor.

The second project has been the Dark Covenant. This Covenant will be a starting point for DB policy and will be an important item in the future of the club. Trev wrote a twenty-page document that encompassed the structure of the entire DB. Despite the fact that we have cut out a lot of the text due to a change in the idea, Trev's imprint is still present on the document. He spent a long time on it and deserves our gratitude for that.

It is my pleasure, then, to award Trev with his very own Emerald Dagger.

Thanks, Trev, for all that you do.
Lord Cotelin

Wohoo for Trev.
*Goes to take out a loan so he guy buy Trev a decent drink

Congrats, Trev! Well deserved.

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