Thank you, Tron


Thank you, Tron

Greetings all,

For a long time we have had the position of EMS on the DC, trying to find a place. Tron has been in the position for a long time and has had, in my opinion, more success than anyone. However, as tron, Mav and I have been discussing the last few days, the position of EMS is largely redundant and will most likely never reach the level it needs to reach for it to be truly influential. Tron decided it would be better to cut to the chase and step down. With that, I am dissolving the position of Emissary.

This is sad to me, because I like Tron a lot and was glad to have him on my Dark Council. A lot of you didn't get to see the things that Tron did, but I got a full load of it. He was always responsive to my tasks; getting them done well and on time. Tron has been constantly working to get to know the clan situations, and has made inroads there. He is always coming up with great new initiatives for his position, even though Mav and I don't necessarily have the time to run through them all with him. All in all, Tron has done in a position that essentially, with the way Mav and I run the DB, puts him up for failure.

It is unfortunate that I have to reward someone who is leaving the DC. That always seems to happen, and I hate that. But -- I can tell you truly that this was coming within the next week anyway: I hereby promote Tron to the rank of Dark Adept. He is very deserving of the elevation, and will continue to use his skills at a different spot. Tron has been in this club for a long, long time, and deserves every once of respect that we can give him.

Thank you again, Tron, for all that you continue to do.
Lord Cotelin

Woo! Tron rocks! Congratulations, dude!

w00t, go Tron! Congrats dude! The effort and work has finally paid off! : - )

How many years have you been waiting for this, Tron? Must be almost a decade now? :P hehehe. Way to go! ...and welcome to the Elder class.

Tron is da man!
Too bad you ain't the Emissary anymore :( But you deserved this!!


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