From the New York Post:

February 26, 2005 -- The force isn't with R2-D2.
Kenny Baker, the pint-sized actor who played the legendary "Star Wars" robot, yesterday was banned from driving for a year following his DWI arrest near his home in Leyland, England.

The 70-year-old, 3-foot-8 actor was one drunken droid when the long arm of the law caught up with him last December. He was weaving back and forth across the road at midnight in his specially adapted Mercedes-Benz.

Baker, also fined $95 and ordered to pay $115 in prosecution costs, had said he had downed two glasses of wine. A Breathalyzer test revealed he was 12 points over the safe driving limit.

"I'm on the lookout for a lady chauffeur," he said as he left court yesterday and hailed a cab. "I would prefer it if she was about 2 feet 6 inches."

He said the ban "will make my life very difficult for me. I cannot just hop on the bus like other people."

-- Marsha Kranes

Two glasses of wine? and 12 points over? You sure he wasnt downing two glasses of wine an hour? : - P

I'm only telling you exactly what the Post said.

Don't forget he's short... two glasses of wine to you or I is going to be a lot less in blood-alcohol proportions than it is to him. Plus they say wine... or all we know they might mean fortified wine which would be even worse to somebody that height.

Also don't forget he SAID he downed two glasses of wine..could well have had more. :P

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