XvT/XWA Bracket Round Two!


XvT/XWA Bracket Round Two!

I apologize for the lateness of this. I would've liked to have released this early yesterday, but it's been a busy time for me, as the school semester winds down. I appreciate your patience. There's been some issues with people having connection problems, and having to forfeit, and some matches weren't able to be played. Next time we have a Bracket, I will probably allow for more time, but this one was meant to be quick, and fun, and not stretched out painfully.

So, there's some modifications to Round Two. EDIT: I overlooked something on my list of matches, and apologize to Xayun and Horus. They are in the XvT Round Two, as well. Again, my apologies to the both of them, and they make XvT Match 3. There's only six people left in the XvT Bracket, so there will be two matches played there, while eight people are left in the XWA Bracket, so four matches will be played their. People will be paired this round, as last round, and not the trio pairings I had originally planned.

XvT Match 1: Telona (Tar) vs. Godo (CEK)
XvT Match 2: Rekio (Tar) vs. Yacks (DC)
XvT Match 3: Xayun (CNS) vs. Horus (CSP)

XWA Match 1: Robert (CNS) vs. Merlance (Tar)
XWA Match 2: Erlandil (CNS) vs. Smoke20 (Tar)
XWA Match 3: Welshman (Tar) vs. Lenzar (CNS)
XWA Match 4: Rakhai (CEK) vs. Demos (Tal)

Today starts the matches, but I'm not going to start the 72-hour mark yet. Matches must be played by the end of this Sunday, which would mean the 72-hour cushion starts tomorrow. However, again, you can begin playing today, if you both find each other online. DQ's can, and may happen, if I don't see efforts made from either person to coordinate with the other person they're paired with, to get the match time situated.

Have fun, get flying!

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