And there was light...


And there was light...


Today is a great day! It is the day that you finally cast off the yoke of oppression and find back to the light!

For quite some time I have hid. Many of you thought I was a fugitive, trying to escape the gruesome vengeance Jac Cotelin and Chi-Long would levy on me, but this is not true. Several months ago I found a Jedi holocron buried deep down under the crust of Antei. Although it was the keeper of great Jedi knowledge, it was also the key to unlock a path I would never have dreamed of: The path of the Jedi for you all.

With the help of this holocron and the energy of the dark star, I have managed to open a void in the Force - a black hole, if you want. Thirsting for darkness, it has been leaching the taint from your beings, swallowing it up until there was nothing more than blinding light. Afterwards, it collapsed. But even though it is destroyed, it did what was its destiny: To allow you all to attune and break the schains of the Dark Side once and for all!

It is thus with great joy and pride that I am announcing the dissolving of the Dark Brotherhood and at the same time the foundation of the Jedi's Circle, the new Jedi Order here in the Outer Rim. Together, we will work to bring peace and justice back to the galaxy and attune for what we have done in the past.

Onward, brethren - follow me into the light!

Happy April Fool's Day!

Can I be your Master Chief, Mike?

Oh wow...this is...quite interesting...

The first to bring me his head will have my gratitude.. and you want to have the gratitude of the MAA don't you !?!

Kill the Lightie!!

I am ashamed to have my name associated with this Light-scum...

Who's up for a hunting session? :P


Oh come now, you could've waited a day - it's not even April Fools yet

lame. Thanks for blinding us all when we have to report MP matches every few minutes.

Blue text on a white background really really burns! Like Richard Simmons on speed.


You must all reject this notion of anger. Cast the fear and agression out, for there is no place for such emotions on the path to the light. You must be pure in mind and soul or the path of the dark side will tempt you.....

PS I'm a Master Councellor!

PPS Blue on white just proves that the light side is eeviiill!

Oh stop complaining.

I think its a good effort at a practical joke!

Happy April Fool's Day! Everybody! Yay! :P

erm..... kills self the cleansing of the light side dies here!!!

I may not be of high enough rank but im soooooooooooo angry

/me Force lightnings all the lighties


heheheh, nice joke. Lord Pokemon :PPPP Nice work.

Wait.... it is just a joke, right? :P

Hahahaha...scared the crap out of me at first... april fools day isnt till tomorrow.... had it of been tomorrow it wouldnt of... how ever you still need to change some of the "dark side" stuff. lol... wierd... and you need help...serious help


I'M A FREAKIN JEDI PADAWAN! takes his lightsaber and starts hacking off that stupid braid for five minutes before curling up in a ball and whimpering in the corner

The light will NEVER triumph, IT IS THE DARK SIDE THAT IS VICTORIOUS!!! hail the dark side!!!

sends thw Code Monkeys a large bill for all the headache pills due to the brightness of this website

There... should take your pay for a few months to pay that off.

I'm just gonna wait till he falls asleep until I have my fun....

Dude...a sith warrior is better than a Jedi Knight...I want my old title back :(

Heh Hats off to all those that put this together!

Now change it back before the mob attacks.


happy april fools.

Oh god...what have u done...Kill the white, its burning my eyes out..AAAAAA


I shall never fall to the light. We shall supress this annoyance and take back control. :P

stabs himself in the Face

Great job guys, happy april fools guys


"AH MIKE WELCOME BACK"! The plans for "THIRD DEATH STAR" are in my desk ,I rather you not look at them yet (wink)!Our weapon is almost opperational plus there is a dark energy generating from the hoth system

Arggh, my eyes! it burns us, it does!

pretty funny though.

One, my eyes are on fire.
Two, it is not April fools day yet.
Three, there is a dark mob at your door.

nice prank though


This is so not funny dude. I opened the opening page, and I saw obi-wan ka-Booozy... not a pretty sight man. I need the freeek on steroids witht he lightsabres, or my daily fix just isn't met.

Its nto even april fools day yet! c'mon! blue on white is really cruel on my eyes totaly adjusted to the dark of my computer room.

And WTF is up with my rank? Jedi Page? I'm a friggin page? since when do i squire horses and prepare weapons for the knights?

pulls switch blade from poket happy april fools day jerk

What is with all these Korribanian animals trying to make love to me? They used to be vicious, so natually I slayed them and made paintings out of their blood. At the moment there are so many on me I can't even reach my lightsaber!
Furthermore, I now have a toothbrush and my home is clean!!! * smells self *
What's more, I'm CLEAN!!!! * tries to get dirty but is unsuccessful *
And my sinful booze has disappeared...
And I'm now a Padawan... :(

Please tell me this is only temporary before I commit suicide...

((:P :P :P @ Halcyon and whoever else is diminishing our values))

Padawan?! No fair! :P Heh, I was foolish enough to forget it's April Fool's Day...... and the screen is so bright!!!

Padawan?! No fair! :P Heh, I was foolish enough to forget it's April Fool's Day...... and the screen is so bright!!!

i hate you you mike.....

A Consular? Me? Ahahah. Ahahahaha.

You're going to die, pal. First I'm gonna rip your eyeballs out and throw them at you, then I'm going to tear out your intestines and whip you with them- then I'll remove your spinal cord and choke you with it. And then, finally, I'll saw your arms and legs off with a blunt saw and beat you to death with them.

Light side? Don't get me started. :P

Happy April Fools, you bunch of misguided lunatics =D

I'm with the Light now! And remember, there is no emotion, there is peace.

it is not too late for you yet. you shall all eventually see the light, as I did. and you will embrace it.

The Light ?!? THE LIGHT !!! Korras you traitor... U R FIRE !!!!11 =P


The hell we will.

Korras, I am ashamed to be your apprentice :P
Kill Korras! :P

Ashamed to be his student? I'm ashamed to be his master. Let's kill him together.

you can't. I still control the booze. without me, you will be forced to remain sober for the rest of your life! :P

But booze is of the Dark Side! Muahahahaha...

you have a deal Arania :P
and Korras I am sure there is another way to find booze :P

you have a deal Arania :P
and Korras I am sure there is another way to find booze :P

you have a deal Arania :P
and Korras I am sure there is another way to find booze :P

wait... Arania is right... booze is for the Dark Side...

comes running back like a madman, diving for the booze in his office

who needs light, when you can have booze?

good Korras :P
Booze is better than light

I'll just stay on the line I started....nice joke, Halycon...

The light... It burns!

whips out lightsaber

"Opps! Not suposed to have one of these yet!"

puts saber away

Drags out the Sword of Kith Khan

"That's better!"

All lightsiders shall pay the ultimate price, your death!!
The Dark lords have survived and will continue to survive, what ever the lightsiders will do, but for now......Halcyon you shall pay for this travisty!

There is no peace; there is anger...
There is no fear; there is power...
There is no death; there is immortality...
There is no weakness; there is the Dark Side...

We embrace the darkness and cast out the jedi of light...

change it back, I beg of you, change it baaaaack!

ran away crying

What did you do to the site?!!!!

I AM NOT a censored Jedi! I am a DARK JEDI HUNTER!!

grabs axe

Now, change it the censored back before me and the mob outside your door tear this place apart. :p

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