The Darkness will be Avenged...


The Darkness will be Avenged...

Shutting down his saber, Keirdagh looked upon the mangled body of the Padawan. Just a boy, really. After being awoken from his meditation by an emergency message from the Headmaster, Keirdagh had swept along the Chamber of Justice like the wind of death. How the traitorous Halcyon had managed to complete his ruse of the Brotherhood so completely, and so quickly was something Keirdagh couldn't even fathom, but there was nothing to be done about it. All the bodies that Keirdagh had left behind him were young men and women who had joined the Brotherhood in the hopes of finding true darkness, but having repented their darkness, they became as all others who followed the light, dead.
Climbing up into his starfighter, Keirdagh launched into space like a demon loosed from hell itself, and set course to join the Headmaster on Lyspair. These Jedi, with Halcyon as their leader were already dead, they just didn't know it yet.

Wait a tic...i want to kill him...who ever gets there first wins.


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