Gathering Darkness


Gathering Darkness

Deep in the heart of the rebuilt Shadow Academy a Council was gathered. The Headmaster had made a call to all of the Dark Brethren that remained to come to Lyspair so that they may regain control of Antei and wipe the stench of the Light Jedi from the planet once and for all. The Council gathered consisted of the Headmaster Spears Tarentae, the Justicar Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor, and the Oracle Shan Long. Here they sat plotting as they waited for the Light Jedi to make their next move.

Whatever Mike Halcyon had done caused the Initiates to flee the Shadow Academy. Other then the droids and a small non-force using work staff, the Three Dark Councilors where all that remained at the Academy, with the exception of the recently installed auto defense systems. Following the last Great Jedi War it was decided that the defenses surrounding the Shadow Academy needed to be improvement. The defenses should be enough to buy the Councilors some much needed time.

Several Hours later…

The sound of engines around the Shadow Academy was slowly increasing as some of the Dark Jedi that escaped Mike Halcyon’s plans began to arrive. They where bringing news with them those that had fallen to the Light where busy organizing themselves while taking those that remained in the Dark into custody. Word had arrived that the Sith High Warrior had not fallen to the Light and was in route to Lyspair with a large portion of the Sith Fleet, how he managed this feat was unknown but knowing Bloodfyre his men would follow him into hell and back regardless of the Force. They had also received word that whatever forces the Light Jedi had used, had its limitations and had not reached the Yridia system. Rekio Corsair Tarentae had contacted his old Clan mate and informed the Headmaster that Oberst and Dark Jedi Master Zero where preparing the Clans Fleet for departure. It was also rumored that Dark Side Adept Kir Taldrya Katarn, had managed to remain loyal to the Dark Side and was attempting to gather his Clan, these reports where unconfirmed. They had also debated whether or not they could seize control of the newly commissioned Flag Ship. The ship was still far from ready but its Engines had recently been installed, and as the Headmaster was the Chief Engineer on the project he had access to its Navigation System if all else failed they could jump the ship directly into the Dark Hall.

The three Councilors looked at each other and without a word spoken they nodded in agreement. Antei would once again be cloaked in the Dark Side or it would be choked in its ashes.

Im with the dark side, anything you need from House of Tridens, or myself ask.
He who shall not be named must suffer horribly for this disgrace.

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