The Shadow Approaches


The Shadow Approaches

The mood within the Shadow Academy had begun to change, as more and more of the Dark Brethren arrived. It seemed that more Dark Jedi had survived then had been originally thought.

The Army of Light was still celebrating on Antei, apparently ignorant as to what was happening on Lyspair. The Headmaster and the Oracle where already hard at work, trying to come up with a way to reverse the damage that Michael Halcyon had done. Meanwhile the Justicar was busy organizing the forces of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood that remained untouched by the Light. Reports kept pouring in from the Seven Clans that many had been left untouched, the shroud around Antei had apparently dampened the effects of whatever the hated Jedi had done. The Clans where marshaling their Forces and indeed the Sith High Warrior was only few hours away with his Fleet, with the Armies of Clan Tarentum and Clan Taldryan to follow a short time later. The rest of the Clans had recently left their home systems and would arrive as soon as possible.

The Shadow continued to grow over Lyspair, as the Brethren gathered. It was nearing the time for them to announce their presence to the Light Jedi, and free Antei from the Light.

In recent news Dark Side Adept Khan Kunar, has managed to escape from Antei and is currently assiting the Justicar in gathering together strike teams for our Assault to reclaim Antei, it is belived that the Headmaster and Oracle are getting ever closer to finding a way to reverse the damage that has been inflicted upon the Force.

/me places big green dots all over Mike..."He did it....let's get him...leave Frosty to me..."

count me in, too... the VaeVictis will be joining your fleet shortly... I came to realize the error of my ways... there's not enough booze for me at the lightside.

They do not call me Baron Ale Pond for nothing.
When our victory is complete, the liqour will flow like water.

You certainly are motivating Spears! I'll be there with bells on.

Im in....Down with the lightside..death to all who oppose use

Hey don't forget the MAA, I'm not one of these lightside meatballs here..

me/ kicks the crap out of a few lighties and jumps to hyperdrive...

"See you on lyspair,,,"

Whoa...Frosty almost turned me, but seeing as he doesn't have any of the Good Stuff (R) Root Beer that Spears dispenses next to the liquor pools....I'm here for stay...w00t to Root Beer...

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