An Ally Arrives


An Ally Arrives

The days had been busy for Kir Taldrya Katarn, but this lifelong servant of the Dark lived for situations such as this. The initial shock of the void had been too much for the lower ranked members of Taldryan, who had unfortunately succumbed to the light. Due to their tremendous strength of will, all Equite and Elder members were able to resist, and had gathered around their Consul. After careful planning they struck out from Karufr, slaughtering their fallen clanmates and regaining control of Taldryan’s assets.

When the purge was complete, Consul Katarn received a message from the Headmaster calling for a gathering on Lyspair. Kir and his Proconsul Shadow Taldrya began military preparations, gathering Taldryan’s forces together for the first time since the Great Jedi War. Within hours they had clan buildings locked down and defended, and were in hyperspace…

In the Shadow Academy command and control room, a junior officer nearly jumped out of his seat, “Justicar! We have multiple contacts entering Lyspair space, capital-class!”

A seasoned veteran, Justicar Keirdagh calmly made his way to the sensor display. It showed a Victory-class Star Destroyed flanked by an Assault Cruiser, Dreadnaught, and Bulk Cruiser, with a modified Interdictor in tow; and the Dark Jedi Master grinned, “Settle down Guardian, these are friends.”

Just then a small holographic image of Dark Adept Kir Taldrya Katarn appeared on the comm. station, “So Yacks, I heard you guys could use some help?”

me/ jumps out of hyperdrive just behind the bulk cruiser...

"I'm with ya."

Hi i am with him i have secrets on mike he is planing to create a weapon of dark destustion it will kill anyone who has our type of powerwe must act quikly before they comeplete the monstosity it is close to being operational!!!!!

so am i dead or what?

Join the Light side my brothers. Feel the pure bliss of everlasting peace.

<tib looks for someone to hug> :P</tib>

/me heads to hug Tiberius, but draws his DL-44 Special..."Sucker...GRAB HIM!!!"

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