And so it begins...


And so it begins...

The Fleets had arrived and where currently blockading Antei, the ships where undermanned due to many of the Jedi having been turned to the light, but the ships that remained where more then powerful enough to Blockade Antei. That was one of the biggest mistakes Mike had made, he failed to organize his forces quickly enough to gain control of the Fleets. With the Taldryan’s Interdictor Orthanc in position fleeing Antei was now impossible. All ships attempting to escape Antei where now trapped, those foolish enough to try and make a run for it where systematically destroyed by the combined might of VSDs Dark Prophet and the Corsair as well as their support ships.

Now aboard the Heresiarch, the remaining Dark Council members, along with DJM Zero where gathered in an attempt to counteract the damage that Mike Halcyon had caused. After a great deal of research the Oracle and the Headmaster thought they had found a way to bring the Dark Side back to Antei, they had found an ancient Krath rite which would allow them to perform a form of Dark Side Rage. With this right those gathered would be able to draw on the Darkness within them and expel a large quantity of it out in the system where it could feed on the Dark Side and in time consume Antei System in the Dark Side once again. This Rite would leave them weak for a time but as the Dark Side grew once again so would their strength.

Meanwhile Sith Overlords Rekio and Oberst where forming up strike teams to assault the Jedi within the Dark Hall, they would be joined on the surface by strike teams formed by Dark Side Adept Kir and Primarch Shadow. The majority of the strike teams where made up of the Brotherhoods junior members, as for some reason they where the least affected by the curse of the light. At first it had caused many of them to go mad, but they where the first to gain control of themselves. In many ways the fate of the Brotherhood and that of the Dark side relied on them and the few Equites that remained untouched. Those aboard the Heresiarch would follow as soon as possible.

Just as the remaining Council was about to perform the Rite of, the holo projectors within the Grand Audience Chamber sprang to life Mike Halcyon was face to face with the members of the Council he had betrayed one to many times. Spears Tarentae spoke “There will be no escape for you this time Jedi, we have you trapped. If you are wise you will do yourself a favor and end your life before we arrive.” With that the projectors turned off and the assault began.

Those who had been blinded by the light would once again be embraced by the Dark.

HLK Sapphire Squadron flight leader two here... we have encountered minimal resistance around Lyspair. Just a few z-95's. And they are now space jelly. All clear for capital ship approach runs.. Get 'em!

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