Now Accepting Applications for Kirleta Aedile


Now Accepting Applications for Kirleta Aedile

Due to the his real life restrictions, the honorable DJK Pug Milamber Titanos has decided to step down from his current position as Aedile of House Kirleta and pass on the torch of leadership to another. Due to the nature of the position and the requirements I have for my Aedile, I have open the position to all members of the DB to insure that the best candidate possible is selected.

House Kirleta of Clan Satal Keto is a Multi-ordered house that prides itself on being an all-rounded house with activity and participation in many of the DB's events; including MP nights and the ACC. Because of the plans to restore the House to its former glory and to bring back the good ol' days of ass-whopping Arconans, all applicants should have a excellent record of activity and a good understanding and participation rate in the MP nights or the ACC (both is preferred but not required).

Below is a list of requirements that should be noted in your resume, if you are lacking in a few of the requirements but feel you still could be an excellent Aedile please submit anyways. ;) I'm not looking for someone who is "prefect" to me as I've been told I'm very picky so give me a shout, worst that could happen is you end up taking orders from me.

Requirements/Additional Information:
-No Rank restriction, if you're an Acolyte feel free to apply! ;) just make sure to impress me
-Must be an active DB member for at least 2 months
-Must have mIRC or be able to use web-based IRC programs
-Must have either AIM or MSN (again both is preferred but not required)
-Must have the Leadership Course completed before PLACEMENT
-Must have a 48 email response time
-Must be friendly and able to deal with new members and willing to deal
with the insanity of the Veteran Members
-Must be able to complete weekly reports*
-Must be/willing to become at least a Seeker in the ACC
-Must be able to spend 8 hours online a week
-Must be able to remember long food orders and create my tea strong enough to kill a GM

*CSK has apenalty system in place for late or missed report

Please include all other information on yourself, even if we already know you, and add any skills and/or ideas you have that can be of use as Aedile.

Submit applications to the Quareestor Warhunter; ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). Suggestions, Comments, and Recommendations about your application will be given upon request.

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