Alacrity of the Commander


Alacrity of the Commander


As I've mentioned before, the Dark Council has been working this summer on creating position handbooks for each spot within the DB. Long has there been a problem with people having undetailed and unclear duties. We aim to help new leaders become more accustomed to their roles by having their duties, tasks and other responsitibilities all spelled out clearly.

As has been discussed in my most recent reports, the primary handbooks describing the essential responsibilities for the positions of CON, PCON, QUA, etc will be supplemented by a series of Addenda that will cover the overlapping parts of those handbooks. These addenda will outline some of the most basic command duties which are shared by all leaders within the Brotherhood. There are over 40 addenda slated for production, currently. My magistrate, DA Pyralis, has been tasked with the duty of writing most of these Addenda, a project which will continue well into 2006. I, along with a group of critics, have been revising and commenting on the documents, trying to make them as useful as possible.

<p>Traditionally, aspiring leaders have been forced to learn these duties through trial and error, others learning through a mentor or other experienced leader in the Brotherhood. The Alacrity of the Commander series aims to change the traditional, inefficient approach. We hope that these documents can be read by any aspiring leaders and understood in their entirety without the cumbersome process we rely on today. Leaders will not only learn what they need to do, but also learn why it is important, and how the duties should be performed. Leaders should be able to take what they learn in these documents and immediately apply them to better leading and administrating their units - whether they be fundamental battleteams or the bastion clans themselves.

<p>The first, and perhaps one of the most important Addenda, "Addendum 1.0—"Welcoming New Members" has been reviewed, edited, and is being released for review and use by the Brotherhood at large. You can view it here: <p>

<p>The next Addendum in development is titled "Clan Summit Management of Envoys" which aims to finally shed some light on how Clan leaders may try to mentor new or prospective membership with the use of hand-picked Envoys while also coordinating their efforts with the Society of Envoys and the Knight Commander of the Brotherhood.

Read it over, and maybe learn a few things!

And a huge thanks to Pyralis for all of his hard work on these. He's been amazing.


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