Allegiance game today!


Allegiance game today!

That's right folks, we're trying to put together a practice Allegiance game today. Benevolent Whiner was good enough to put up a private server, which can be reached at the IP of for those interested. Basically, what you need to do, is get interested. :P We'd like to see a good number of people out, practicing, getting used to the game, etc. I'm going to try and put together some of these practice games as often as possible, so people can familiarize themselves with the game, the controls, etc.

In a couple months, I'm going to be having an Allegiance Tournament; these practice games are the perfect opportunities for everyone to get ready to be in that Tournament. All Clans will be invited, and all Clans will have a shot at earning the Cap Ships and Fighters that I will be offering as rewards. And yes, I'm even going to offer individual awards for people, too.

So, get your butts in gear, get Allegiance, and get out to the practice today. I'm going to try and get it together in an hour, if we have the people, so we need you. And all of your friends, too.


Yes indeed. If you play it for the ICTE, you will get CFs as per normal rules for team matches. And, you all know.... that's a lot of possible CFs up for grabs if you get a nice big team going.

Don't forget, Sunday tournament is tomorrow too. Wouldn't be a bad idea to learn Allegiance today so you can excel tomorrow.

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