An Opportunity with Allegiance... Read this.


An Opportunity with Allegiance... Read this.

So. For the last while, I've been trying ot make a push towards Allegiance again. For those not aware, Allegiance is a space-based game that is both a flying game, as well as a Real-time Strategy (RTS) game. It's a free game, that you download from The game itself is about 47 MB to download, and can take some time to download on a dialup connection, but it's actually a well-made game, and offers gaming opportunities not found in every game. This is a game that has to have teamwork, ingenuity, and skill. It's not just who can shoot up the other team the quickest.

And yes, games do take a while. This isn't the type of game that offers a quick 5-10 minute match; to offset that, yes, there will be additional CFs for each Allegiance match, and because I want people to check this game out, and get into it, I'm also going to be offering more. There's going to be random games that will be used for practice, that will score one additional fighter (for Clans) for each member they have that shows up and plays. I haven't decided yet on fighter type, but basically, that means that if your Clan has five people show up and play on one of the random days, your Clan gets five additional fighters added to the total. I will announce the random games at least 72 hours in advance, but when I say random, I simply mean, it'll just be whenever I decided to have a game that can net fighters for your Clans.

Why am I doing this? Because I want Clan support and encouragement for this game. I want people to get interested in it, and have a reason to be interested in it. And because I feel the need to offer individual interest, I will also offer games for people to win personal fighters. These will happen less frequently than those that will net Clan fighters, but I will give people the opportunity to win fighters of their own.

Now, this isn't the only opportunity. I'm also offering an opportunity for more. What this means is, I'm looking for people who are willing to play Allegiance regularly (as "work") and who are willing to assist people in learning the game, learning its aspects and command functions, etc.l I'm looking for people who are willing to try and help with "tech support," and getting people connected to servers, playing the game, etc. Yes, this means I'm looking for people to "work," but not something that would require you to work in that manner more than once a week; it would likely be even less than that, perhaps no more than once every two weeks.

For this, I am going to try and get people even more. If you're willing to give of your time, your patience, and your gaming, I want to give you as much as possible. This will entail medals and the like, but I'm also going to talk it over with Mav and Jac, and see what else I can get you. personal fighters, NPC minions, Sithswords (perhaps), maybe even a minor capital ship to truly exceptional individuals. I'm not quite sure yet, but the point is, I want to make it worth your while to assist others. Yes, I believe very much that no one does anything for free, and I'm going to try and cater to those who are willing to do anything for something.

So basically, if you'd like to be a part of either opportunity, email someone. If you want to be a part of the gaming, email your Clan Summits, and tell them to start organizing a Clan team. I am more than willing to assist Clan Summits, but they should be the ones to really help organize the Clan team. If you want to be a part of the "Allegiance Help Center," email me. If you want more info about the "Allegiance Help Center," email me. We can talk over what I want specifically, and what you can offer.

And if you can't be bothered to read this whole post, and want the rundown, you're not the person I'm looking for.

I wrote a primer for allegiance... which covers game installation and covers some technical problems... you can find it in the tech support section of the DB forums.

If you're still have problems getting allegiance to work, the best place to go is the forums on ; they know the various causes for most of the connectivity issues involved with the game and can usually help you if you provide them with the specific details of your problem.

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