Summer Projects Report and Dark Voice Released!


Summer Projects Report and Dark Voice Released!

Dark Greetings one and all!

Tonight I am pleased to release two important items. The first item is the newest edition of the Dark Voice Newsletter. Oberst sent me the submissions last night and I compiled them into what is yet another fine work. It is shorter than the last few DVs, mainly due to summer vacations. There are still some great articles nonetheless; please enjoy reading it.

The second item is one that I am very pleased to show off. I've been compiling everything in this document for about 12 hours over the past two days, even when some of it was pre-written by Kaiann, Pyr, Cyris and others. That amount of time is nothing next to the time put into the projects details within. There is a ton of information here; I suggest you read it all. I'm not going to go into many more details -- it's all written inside.

Click here to view the Summer Project Report!

My thanks to everyone involved in what is detailed therein, I am very proud to be leading this team.



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Yaaaaay Warbanners! Looks good overall, cant wait to see the majority hit, hell, I cant wait for a minority of it to hit :-P

mmmm, this all looks sexy

Or Cyris can use you as a guinea pig, but you'd have to be real lucky. =P

No, the GoA graphic base has been completed, but the HRLD staff still needs to set down the official rules and build the request form. Until them, any request made will be ignored by the HRLD office.

No, the GoA graphic base has been completed, but the HRLD staff still needs to set down the official rules and build the request form. Until them, any request made will be ignored by the HRLD office.

So were allowed to request our GOA now?

say swear?

er, did my article not make it in?

Is there some way to shorten the documents somehow, because I doubt many people will want to read that whole thing.

I think the idea is great, think you could send an email (just mini-proposal) to kaine, jac and I? Not really my call either, I'm not herald, just his helper heheh!

Fine with me, Cyris - in that case: Do you guys see any policy changes happening to make saber display on dossiers more contingent on skills actually possessed ? I'd generally see it as a good idea.

Kaiann, its the herald's office decision when Custom Lightsabers are allowed.

Related to dual-wielding:

Per the D20 rules you will be able to pick up two sabers and well... somewhat fight with them... as long as you have any base proficiency with the saber. However, if you do that, you not only incur a severe attack penalty but you also cannot use any moves granted by your knowledge of Lightsaber Forms unless your skill in the Form explicitly allows the dual wield (similar for a double-bladed saber). You can only do the basic hack and slash style we teach Journeymen with their training sabers - and in that case you might just as well use two normal swords made of metal.

If you wish to display dual-wields or a lightstaff on your dossier, you will likely have to possess the appropriate skills to actually dual-wield or use the double blade in a legitimate Form as per the lightsaber manual (and thus also have the necessary rank). At least that's the way it will be if I get to decide this :)

I currently foresee no change to the "Custom saber at Battlemaster/Prelate/Archpriest" rule - although this might be changed to require some minimum proficiency in an advanced form, but even then, I'll make a case for it being reasonably obtainable at that rank. (You'll want the form anyway :P)

I do believe what type of saber you can wield is determined by the Form. Remember, for Dual-saber and Staff Forms, you have to usually Master or have a lot of points in some other forms. So, you should be able to Dual-wield prior to the current rank restriction, but that also means you'll be taking away XP from learning other FOrce Powers and you'd be great at sabers, but crap at other powers. At least, I think that's what the idea is, but I could be completely off :P

As for chortening the document...why? This is only a portion of the actual information that we'll be released in the end. May as well get to know as much as we can now. People can easily just skim everything as well, get the main points and gawk at the pretty least that's what I did since I was too tired to read everything last night :P

So I'm not quite sure about this, will the standard rules for Dual sabers and staff saber still apply? KPN for Dual and DA for staff? Or will it soley rely on what forms you choose?

Goes to stand in line for a Warbanner.

For the RPG, will our Character Sheets in the ACC effect anything?

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