GMRG Report


GMRG Report

Commander of the Guard Report:

Out a bit earlier this week(Sorry that its still not on time)also Im not home right now and as such I will not be able to attend the meeting. I've received several more score reports, and I'm happy at the amount of activity that the Guard is showing... But I'm far from satisified. As work continues on a comprehensive new system for ranking(or at very least, playing games and being rewarded for it) in the GMRG, a new member completed the joining requirements, and an existing player, due to his amazing skills in Jedi Knight was named the Gladiator Prime! Congratulations to Sharad Hett, the new GP of the GMRG! New Intiates this week are the following:

ACO Magus Lionheart (Obelisk)/Primus Goluud of Naga Sadow [GMRG:INI] {SA: CORE--}

KP Enahropes Entar (Krath)/QUA/Qel-Droma of Arcona, BZ/DC-KC-O/(BNB)/(LSAu)/

In order to advance in rank in the GMRG, one must demonstrate two things: First, a great deal of skill in the game of Jedi Knight. Defeating ones peers is necessary for reaching the ranks above Initiate. Second, and most importantly, one must show that they are active enough to join the truly elite ranks of the Brotherhood.

Circles will be reforming soon. More information on them will be coming along as its finalized. Obviously, I'll be needing leaders for these Circles... No applications are necessary, as I will be approaching those who I think would do well leading a group of Guards actively through the competitions I have planned.

For all current GMRG members and anyone looking for a medal or two, I'm in desperate need of JK skins, levels and mods. If you are making any contact me, and show me a screen shot or two of your work. I'd like to get some files put up onto the GMRG website...

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