Web Site Updates


Web Site Updates

It has been done. The new database and code are now live.

Everyone, please note, i have made every effort, and caused delays in this happening, to ensure that there will be as few problems as possible in the roll over to the new code.
This doesn't mean however, that there won't be any. I ask everyones patience in this change. If you do find any problems or inconsistencies in the new arrangement, please use the feedback page to report them to me and the Grand master. I will make every effort to rectify problems as they arise.

That aside, please feel free to look around, in the near future, i'll be seting up a page to detail new features on the site, but for now, just browse to your hearts content. A lot has changed, and some things have moved, but I think i've made it relatively intuitive. Once again, If you're having any trouble, just use the feedback link (available once you've logged in) or just mail me directly.

Thanks all, and have fun.

DA Grail SoulChaser (Sith)/SCL

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