Consul of Scholae Palatinae


Consul of Scholae Palatinae

Greetings one and all!

I am pleased tonight to announce the next Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae. This was actually one of the harder decisions on a Consul replacement that I've had to make. There were 10 people in the running for the job. Normally there's like 4. I had a very hard time in the end choosing between the final two, but I have come to a decision.

The new Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae is Archpriest Timbal Palpatine!

Timbal has been a long-time member of the clan. He has their support and has some great intentions for the Clan. I have full confidence that he will do well.

I would like to thank all those that applied. I would especially like to thank Vail for his willingness to return to the spot. That made the choice especially hard, and though we wanted to go with someone new, it shows a lot of dedication to and caring for the clan.

Congratulations again, Timbal. We will talk soon.



That's the sound of our new Consul falling. ;) Congrats, Timbal. We know you'll make us proud.

Timbal Timbal he's our man!
If he cant do it...Well then Ara probably can!

I Timbal.

PS. Really.

Timbal Timbal he's our man!
If he cant do it...Well then Ara probably can!

I Timbal.

PS. Really.

Yay Timbal!! Congrats!

Look at how fast I effected that appointment! Boooyaaa

Oh congrats Timbal :P

I'm only away for a month and it's falling apart already... I don't know...

Timbal, I can say hand on heart that there is no-one I would rather see as Consul more than you. You're the man and I'm looking forward to coming back off my 'holiday' and joining in the drunken debauchery!

And send me an email, you tosser!

congrats timbal

Whoa. Talk about unexpected. Upon informing my three and a half year old of my appointment, I asked what I should do next.

He said, "What about Legos?"

Ah, the innocence of youth. =D

Thanks to all that have faith in me, and a big shout out to Jac for believing in me as well, in spite of his current maritial status (Being married, I mean =P). Now to pull off all them crazy ideas in my head. ;)

weeee, now Timbal will have to get to IRC far more often and we'll get to abuse him on a whole different level :)

Congrats man, you'll do a great job. And we'll get to cause you headaches. It's a win for everyone :)

To the party location, folks... :o)

Legos? That boy needs to learn the more accepted answer. That or one I always hear people say whenever they've accomplished something. :P

"Timbal, you've just become Consul... what are you gonna do next?"

"I'm going to Disney World!!!"

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