A Very Jaccy Theme Song


A Very Jaccy Theme Song

Howdy all, I'm posting this semi-on behalf of teh Jac (he has some issues with offending people that I seem to lack) Anyways! This competition requires you create a song for Jac around the theme of Buffalo Hunting. You can use the tune from any popular song and write the lyrics. We might even get it sung on DBRadio crosses fingers

An example of part of a song: [19:24] * Jac`bbiab signs "Oh bring Jaccy Hooooome, where the buffalooo roooaaaam, and the

all **** his big


It's just that easy folks. The top 3 entries will be awarded with medals!! Send your .txt or .doc/.rtf submissions to Jac and I (JacCotelinATgmail.com and sh4dwhrATgmail.com)

Good luck to everyone and have fun!

we will deffently put it on the radio :)

Also include the song title/artist of the tune you use so we know how it should go.

As for medals, since its open to the entire DB we'll go with highest level crescents. Writing an entire song takes some effort and skill, plus it's about buffalo hunting. That alone makes it worth more.

what kind of medals? :P

And because I'm retarded and forgot: Competition ends in 2 weeks so September 2nd!!

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