Memorial for Fallen Comrades


Memorial for Fallen Comrades


As most of you know, there have been many members over the years who have lost their lives; a tragedy that we can't escape even on the internet. It is hard to cope with the loss of friends at such a distance. The best we can do is always remember them and their contributions.

At the request of several members, I have made a page that we intend to use as a memorial for our fallen friends. It isn't much now, but it is a start.

The Memorial

I am looking into having bios written for each member. If you would like to write something about a member for the page, please email me. Personal comments are welcome for inclusion.

If you know of a member that should be added (even pre-split), please email me.



It is a natural tragedy that can't be stopped even by us human's desperate attempts. We can only hope they're in a better place then here.

This is a very nice idea, I hope that the list does not grow.

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