Donors Listing


Donors Listing

Hello all,

As you are all well aware, running a club like this has its financial burdens. The DB is blessed to have some members who go without eating for weeks at a time so that we can pay for the various servers and resources we use (haha, jk). Really -- there are some very generous members who have given a lot to this club.

While we will never exchange an award or promotion for a financial contribution, we can at least document who has given for a bit of recognition. So, I present to you the DB Donors page:

The Donors

This list is largely incomplete, but is has some of the main contributors. Anyone who has paid out any sum for the benefit of the DB is welcome to have their name added to the list.

A hearty thank you who all that are on the list and all that should be on it (but I don't know who you are yet). You all keep us afloat.



oops. sorry cofo. my bad.


at least one of the main contributors ;-) wink wink, hint hint :-P

Jac, I think you left someone out. :-P

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