Sapphire Blade Awarded to SBL Vessicant


Sapphire Blade Awarded to SBL Vessicant

In February of 2005, Sith Battlelord Vessicant was hired to the staff of the ACC as a Trainer. The job of a trainer is not an easy one, and anyone who has held the position with any semblance of dedication and effort can tell you that. It requires a fair hand in the instruction of members who might not be fully aware of what the ACC entails. It requires firmness in developing the structure of an individual to a level where they are fit to compete amongst the populace of the Brotherhood and it requires the 'love of the game' and the willingness to see others excel - all before an individual is even Qualified. When they are ready, combatants face the Trainer again to qualify, requiring the Trainer to remove the mask of mentorship in lieu of scrutiny and judgment. This necessity often puts Trainers on opposing sides of what once existed as a 'Master/Student' atmosphere while, at the same time, seeing first hand if they Trained the combatant properly. All of these things SBL Vessicant does, and continues to do, flawlessly. He is minimal effort to maintain, requiring no handholding and only the occasional bit of advice. I wish I had more exactly like him, but he's an original. In his time, from February to August, Vessicant has been responsible for the Training or Qualification of over 65 Brotherhood members - almost 10 individuals a month. He is constantly turning out great products and knowledgeable combatants into the populace and is, by far, one of my best assets. As if that weren't enough, Vessicant has single-handedly guided my hand in the construction of the ACC Compendium (Rebirth Version). Not by hand, not by graphic or coding, but by information, insight and a willingness to challenge 'the norm'. His input on things so simple as the use of a specific weapon type have completely revamped what we had always accepted as 'givens' because of his analytical approach.

DA Corran Halcyon: "hardest and most consistent working ACC staff member. Wonderful training battles with a large amount of hints and tips for all those he helps. Has taken the brunt of the training battles for a very long time without complaint"

DJK Kat Pridemore: "Vess is willing to help out, whenever he's around. He has been a trainer for a long time, and is very good at his position. He deserves to be honored for all his hard work."

The SB awarded for: "Consistent service to one's Clan or Order which does not render recognition until seen as a whole. It is often awarded as a medal for multiple services over a long period of time." A single combatant who is trained then qualifies is hardly worth such a high honor. However, when that single combatant enters a battle, a ladder match, or any situation where there are ACC combatants, they are in the midst of the products of ACC Trainers. An indispensable position and one that SBL Vessicant has fulfilled with determination, loyalty and honor for over six months to the tune of 65+ members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

There is nothing that I can give that can fully express my gratitude to the Battlelord. His presence and work ethic are among the best I've seen, and it is my honor to recommend him for the Sapphire Blade.

DA Dalthid, Combat Master 20050828

The recommendation was approved by the Grand Master and awarded to SBL Vessicant on the 29 of August 2005. Congratulations Vess, and thanks again!

Hmmm...that's an honour I probably shouldn't denegrate with insane banter (at least not on the DB site). Curses....

All I can say is "thanks".

/me bows respectfully


Cooooool. Congrats, Vessicant! :)

Congrats Vess!

You've done a fantastic job as Trainer Vess, so keep up the great work! A highly deserving reward.

Yay Vess! Well deserved.

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