IRC for the next two weeks


IRC for the next two weeks

Well, it's been a good run, but the last 2 and a half years have been hard on my desktop. The sucker has been on for about two of those years, and last night it decided that enough was enough.

Yup -- my desktop is teh dead. Yay for my laptop.

Anyway -- the only reason I write this is to let ya'll know that my IRC time will be idle-less for the next 2 weeks (until my new Dell dimension 9100, Pentium D 3200, 2 gig ram, 256 mb video, 24" flat screen lcd monitor arives). I'll get on as much as possible still at night once the homework and email is all done.

Thanks for the patience.


It's sad, out of all those things, I'd probably elect to take the flat screen monitor. Anyway, I'm glad you have a second device to take care of business.

shut up infidel, i use a dell laptop :P

Boooooo. Dell computers SUCK Cheap, unreliable, break sooner than most other computers!

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